The Downside to a Predictable Life

It is helpful to stop and ask yourself how you feel about your life. If you are truly content with your life, there is no reason to change. However, if under the surface there is this nagging feeling, thoughts that you wish life could be different, you wish you could have the courage to do what others are doing or follow through on some ideas that you keep pushing down and trying to ignore, stop and acknowledge this. I believe the greatest downside to living a predictable life is a lack of growth and life experiences. You get to the end of your life and realize all that you had missed out on. The places you never went, the people you never met, the experiences you never had.

Sometimes it is fear that keeps you in this place. A fear of the unknown, fear of how people will treat you, fear of starting over in a new relationship, job or church. Fear of what others will think about you if you change. Fear of disobeying God by changing something in your life or belief systems. Fear of something bad happening to you if you change. Fear of life getting out of control.

Other times it is a lack of knowledge, resources or money that keeps you stuck living a predictable, safe life. God has given each one of you a life of unlimited potential, the ability to grow physically, intellectually, relationally and spiritually. Each week challenge yourself to grow a bit more; read a new book, taste a new food, drive a different route home, listen to a different style of music, make a new friend. The more you do this, the easier it will become. Seek a balanced life, some stability mixed with a sprinkling of spontaneity.


The Upside to a Predictable Life

The predictable life does have its perks which is why people are drawn to it. You know what to expect, life rarely takes you by surprise, so your anxiety level remains low. You feel more peace and contentment. You become very knowledgeable about what you do, where you live, the people you socialize with. People see you as the expert and come to you for advice. You have deep insight and wisdom that someone just passing through could never possess.

You become a stable force in your community, family, job or church. When other people’s lives are in turmoil, and they are looking for something solid to hang onto, they will come to you. Being around your predictable lifestyle gives them an anchor to hold onto till their storm passes. We can all think of someone or something who has been that stable force in our lives. It may be the grandma who had the family Sunday dinners after church for as long as you can remember. It may be the family home where every Christmas is celebrated. It may be that best friend, spouse or pet who is always there for you. It may be that vacation spot you return to every year. We need these points of stability and connection that keep us grounded while we navigate through the unpredictable and challenging times in our lives. So, if you have one of these people in your life who you tend to perceive as “boring or predictable,” thank them for being there for you. Make the effort to see the positive things they bring to you and the world around you.

Which Extreme are you On?

There are people who appear to spend their lives “unsatisfied, restless, discontent.” Their life appears to be unpredictable, they rarely seem to settle down for very long. They go from conference to conference, relationship to relationship, they read book after book, they try this and then they try that. They buy this, and they buy that. You can observe these people and wonder why? Why can’t they settle down? Why can’t they feel satisfied? Why can’t they be like me? What is wrong with them?

There are other people who appear to spend their lives “satisfied, rooted, content.” Their life follows a predictable pattern. They rarely travel, live in the same town their entire life, have little interest in reading or furthering their education. They socialize with the same group of people, attend the same church, do the same job their entire life. You observe these people and wonder why? Why do they never change, how boring their life must be, why are they afraid to do anything different/new? Why can’t they be like me?What is wrong with them?

We spend our time justifying the life we live and judging those who live the “other” way. When we live our lives on either extreme, we are out of balance. The seekers are rarely satisfied and the satisfied are rarely challenged. I am going to spend the next few blogs exploring this topic to help us gain some understanding as to why people gravitate toward one of these two extremes and how to bring more balance into our lives, so we can better understand and appreciate those who live differently than us.

Creating while Waiting

This can be the most difficult part of creation. You have stated your intention for what you want, you have used your imagination to infuse it with emotion and you have cleared out the blocks.  Now you wait for the manifestation.

It is important that you are calm and thankful, rather than anxious, doubtful or complaining. The more attached you are to what you want, trying to force it to come into being, the more negative energy you send out which delays the manifestation. Surrender and acceptance send out positive energy waves that speed up the manifestation process.  The physical manifestation is only the appearance of what has already been created in the spiritual realm. When you hold a seed in your hand you do not see the tree, but the tree is within the seed. So, don’t pull up the seed if the manifestation does not happen in your timing.

Following are a list of things to help you through the waiting:

  • Create a vision board to help you remain focused on what you are creating
  • Start by manifesting little things to grow your confidence. I thank you God for a parking space close to the store now.
  • Keep your mind focused on the solution you are seeking rather than the problem you are trying to solve. When you focus on the solution, the solution will present itself.
  • Do not resent or be jealous of others who have what you want. Thank God for blessing them. There is plenty in God’s economy for everyone willing to believe and receive it.
  • Do not try to convince skeptics, those who think you are crazy to believe for what you desire. This will only increase your fear, delaying the manifestation.
  • Only share your vision with people who support you. They may have contacts, money or talent to help you. When two or more agree, amazing things can happen.
  • Keep your spiritual ears open. being directed through your intuition/spirit of what to do and when to do it. You will find people and resources coming your way to assist you.
  • Pay attention to the signs along the way: a word someone says, a dream, a “coincidence,” a feeling you get, thoughts that pop into your head, people you meet, things you read, etc. These will help direct you.

Every moment of every day you are creating something; a thought, a feeling, a response, a solution. Now that you understand how this works, become a responsible creator. Don’t just react to life around you and complain about the violence, fear and injustice in the world. Use what you have learned to create more loving relationships, a more peaceful environment and to bring more joy into the world. Create the change you want to see.



Creating without Blocks

Last week I wrote about infusing your intention with emotion and daily focusing on this. There is only one problem with this, it is still not enough to effectively manifest what you desire, if you have blocks. Blocks are the beliefs and thoughts ingrained in our subconscious mind about life. Your subconscious mind is more powerful than your conscious mind so will cancel out the conscious mind if they are not in agreement. For example: Your conscious mind wants you want to be successful but your subconscious mind fears failure.  Maybe you, like I, have a few of these:

  • If I am a rich person, everyone will want something from me
  • If I am successful, I will have too much responsibility
  • If I get healthy I will lose my disability income and have to work
  • If I lose this weight, someone could find me attractive and abuse me
  • I have to be poor because I lack an education
  • I have to struggle because of the economy
  • I have to sacrifice to get what I deserve
  • I need to finish all my work before I can have fun
  • I need to be stressed to be motivated
  • It is wrong for me to have a lot of money when other people have so little
  • It is not safe to venture into new territory (new job, new relationship)
  • I don’t deserve to have what I really want

I have found that using energy-based treatments are the best way to identify blocks, clear them out and replace them with truths. Some of these are inner healing, theta healing, tapping, muscle testing, EMDR, hypnotherapy, positive affirmations, chakra clearing, prayer, forgiveness and meditation. If you need assistance in clearing your blocks, contact me, I would love to help you with this.

Once you have cleared the blocks in your subconscious programming, you are in a much better position to manifest your desires. Your intention is a seed in your conscious mind. The subconscious mind is the soil you plant this seed into. To grow up and manifest the seed needs sunshine and water, which are your imagination, feelings, thoughts, words, prayers, faith, trust and beliefs. When these are in alignment, manifestation happens.




Creating with Emotion

Last week I wrote about writing a clear intention/thought of what it is you want to create. Now you need to infuse that thought with emotion. Your emotions are powerful vibrating energies within you. This is why you sometimes feel them so intensely within yourself and also feel the emotions of those around you. Ask yourself, when this intention is manifested in my life what will I feel? When I get the job, I will feel…When I heal from this disease I will feel…. When I connect on a deeper level with God I will feel…. When I get out of debt I will feel….

Once you have identified the emotion, you want to let yourself feel and experience this emotion as if the intention has already taken place. For some people this will be easy and for others it may be difficult. For example, if I were to give you an unexpected gift that was something you had always wanted, you would spontaneously feel gratitude and joy when you opened it, you would not have to “work” to create these emotions. Here is an example of how this works:

Intention: I am living debt free
Emotion: feelings of excitement, freedom, happiness, gratitude
If I cannot easily feel these emotions, I remember a time when I felt these emotions.  When I moved out on my own for the first time I felt excited, happy and thankful for my new freedom. As I am feeling these emotions in my body, mind and spirit I then transfer them over to the thought of living debt free. Now I can think, visualize and feel what it will be like when I am debt free. Now I am putting the energies of my thoughts, emotions, my entire being into alignment with this intention which will increase the chance of it happening and the speed at which it manifests. Spend a few minutes each day, in quiet stillness, eyes closed, reciting the intention while feeling the emotions. This activity re-wires the neural circuits of your brain to produce the future intention you want.






Creating with Intention

An intention is a statement about what it is you desire to create in your life or in the world around you. The list of things you can create is endless. A new job? Financial prosperity? Loving relationships? A healthy body? Peace of mind? Do you want to write a book, create a work of art, learn to play an instrument? Some people know exactly what they want, and others don’t. They feel this nagging discontent and know there is something they are supposed to be doing or becoming but are unsure what it is.

Within you resides the spirit/presence of Creator God. Some call this the Holy Spirit, higher self, intuitive voice, an inner knowing. This presence knows everything about you, your past, present and future. It knows what your life purpose is. You can tune into this voice by becoming centered, quiet and still. This can be done through meditation, prayer, spending time in nature, away from the noise of city life. It is in this state that you can hear most clearly what you are to do or not do. You may want to say, “I desire to be in complete alignment with the flow of information from God/Source/Universe that it may come down into my spirit without any interference.” The more time you spend in this place, the easier it is to hear clearly from spirit and the more your desire aligns with what is for your highest and best good. Don’t judge the thoughts or ideas that come to you, write them all down and pray over them. Over time it will become evident what you want to create. The intention needs to come from within you and not from other people’s desires or expectations of you. It is important that you do not desire these things to please someone or earn their love or approval of you. Do not ask how or when it is going to manifest as you do not want to put any limitations on how the universe will bring it to you.

We can have some fun with this. If you want to, send me your intentions with the date you set them, and then let me know when and how they manifest. I will then share this with the other blog readers to encourage all of us that creative manifestation really works. I can remove your names if you prefer to keep it confidential.


Creating with Energy

Most people manifest the present based on the past. What has happened before will happen again because our brains get hardwired into doing things a certain way. When we are ready to change this patterning, we primarily do it using our thoughts and mental reasoning.  We manifest it through hard work, sacrifice and striving. However, creating with energy is different. Our present is now created by focusing on our future, not our past programing and we create it with joy and ease.

Many people live their lives as if this physical reality is all there is. However, this physical reality is surrounded by and interconnected to a greater spiritual, energetic reality. This goes by many different names such as God, source, quantum field, matrix, universe, spiritual realm or consciousness. This is an invisible field of waves of vibrating electromagnetic energy, intelligence and consciousness waiting for us to tap into and create with. It is called potential energy because it is neutral until we decide what we want to create with it.

There are many ways to enter this quantum field such as stillness, breathing, energy work, meditation or prayer.  The objective is to disconnect from focusing on our present/past physical body, senses, thoughts, emotions and environment. Now we are in more of a neutral state to create something new. We are in a theta brain wave state which opens our subconscious mind to reprogram our past programing to future programing.

You are also an electromagnetic field of vibrating energy. And every moment of every day you are giving off a signal to the quantum field and the field is matching it and sending it back to you. Everyone has their own unique energy broadcast signal. So, if you are vibrating thoughts and feelings about your past or current situation, very little is going to change in your life. If you are vibrating thoughts and feelings about the future reality you desire, this is what will manifest in your life.

Creative Change Process

People are the only part of creation given the ability to create things, while plants and animals can only reproduce. On earth we get to co-create with God/Source and can create art, buildings, cars, families, love, joy, peace, wealth, businesses, relationships, anything we want or need to serve self and others. However, we can also create the opposite: evil, hate, hurt, corruption, war, broken relationships, etc. We are all creators and we are in a constant state of creating. We are just not consciously aware of this. The interesting thing is that the process for creating both good and evil, from a neurological and spiritual perspective, is the same. Therefore, use your free will to create good rather than evil.

For some of you it may feel like everything is falling apart around you. For others you want change but are afraid. Some people have limiting beliefs that they don’t deserve anything better.  What people usually do is try to justify or fix their current situation. They are afraid to release it and create something new. They want to hang onto what is familiar. They allow their fears to keep them stuck in the past and are unable to move forward whether it is in their relationships, job situation, starting a new hobby or moving somewhere else. Other times it has nothing to do with fear, it is a lack of knowledge, they have never learned how creative manifestation works. In the coming blogs, I am going to explain how the five parts to manifestation work: tuning into what you want to create, setting an intention, infusing it with emotion, letting it go, and receiving it. So if there is any part of your life that you feel stuck, want to change, want to create something new or head off in a different direction, these blogs are for you.