Casting your Ballot

If you watch tv, you know election day is soon approaching so this is my annual blog on politics. I don’t care for politics because it is so divisive, and fear based. The sad thing to me is how many Americans do not even question this, and make their voting decisions based on fear. Today we have a government by and for the politicians, corporations, and special interests. Both parties are equally corrupt, with good and bad candidates in each party. I dream of a day when we stop voting for someone because they identify as democrat or republican. How about voting for someone because:

  • They have good character
  • They treat everyone, even their opponent with dignity
  • They refuse to engage in character assignations
  • They refuse to use fear to motivate people to vote for them
  • They refuse to use fear to influence you to not vote for their opponent
  • They talk about what they are going to do rather than talking about everything their opponent is doing.

What is going to turn this country around is not more fear. And when we vote for politicians who propagate fear, we increase the amount of fear in the country. What is going to turn this country around is not a politician, do not look to them as a “savior” type person. What will turn this country toward a more positive direction is when each one of us as individuals choose to live from love, choose to do what is in the highest and best good for all, not just those who think and believe like us. To let go of our victim mentality, to stop seeing each other as an enemy and to realize we are all part of the human family. To treat each other with the same dignity and respect we want to receive. To stop shutting down someone who believes differently from you and instead, seek to understand them. To create a government by the people and for the people. How we vote determines how soon this government will manifest in our country.



Personal Manifestation Part 2

I walked into the door of my new place and started to look around. It was like God had left surprises for me all over the place. When I divorced, I gave my husband most everything since I was moving in with my parents. One of my concerns was how expensive it was going to be to buy everything I was going to need, like starting over. Well, God took care of that concern. When I walked in, I saw that the previous owners had left many things for me, most in new or barely used condition. Take a look at this list:

  • 3 flat screen TV’s on the walls
  • Portable Fireplace with mantle
  • Floor rugs, end tables, lamps, desk
  • Toaster, Rice cooker, Can opener, Hand mixer, Waffle iron, Spice rack with spices
  • Baking pans, Muffin tins, Cutting boards, Cookie racks and trays, Cast iron skillet
  • Measuring cups, Loaf pans
  • Drawer full of ink pens
  • Dining room table with 6 chairs
  • 3 sets of towels, Toilet paper, Trash cans, Bathroom scale, Tissue boxes, Hair blow dryer, Full length mirror
  • Double size bed with sheet set, blanket and 5 pillows
  • Safe (I am taking this as a sign from above that financial prosperity is on its way to me)
  • Iron, Ironing board, Brooms, Mop, Bucket, Dustpan
  • A jigsaw puzzle (I love these) that had never been opened. Seriously, only God could have orchestrated this one!
  • 2 pinecones sitting by the front door (pine trees are my favorite tree, there is no pine tree anywhere around this condo)
  • One of the sets of towels had the word “Believe” written on it
  • The shower curtain had the following words written on it: Faith, Love, Hope, Forgive

I am feeling so much gratitude and awe in how God orchestrated all of this and took care of my needs. Creative manifestation works. If you want some help in learning how to manifest your desires, contact me, I would love to assist you in helping your dreams come true.




Personal Manifestation Part 1

A few months back I did a blog series on Creative Manifestation. Today and in next weeks blog  I want to share with you something that I was able to manifest to encourage you to believe in what you want to achieve.

In March of this year, Spirit told me that I would be moving out on my own in the fall. I had no idea of how I could make this happen, rents are very high in California, but I decided to start declaring it and telling everyone about this. In May I was sharing this with a friend and she got very quiet and then told me that Spirit told her that someone would be giving me a place to stay, I was not going to have to pay for it. This seemed impossible to me, but I decided if Spirit declared it, I would begin to believe it. At the end of June someone told me they were going to buy me a condo to live in! I would just have to pay the monthly HOA fees. Based on what Spirit had said I should not have been surprised, but I was surprised!! When I got back from my summer travels, we started looking together, they had a location and price limit as this was an investment for them that I would get to live in. This month, I moved in and it is the perfect place for me and my heart is full of gratitude for how God worked everything out.

Next week I am going to share with you what God surprised me with when I walked into the door of this place to live here.


The Divine Connection

I mentioned in the previous blog that a relationship with Creator God/Source is what we are all seeking and the only thing I believe will bring contentment to our spirits. I believe we are an eternal spiritual being of light and love, a reflection and extension of who Creator God is. We are lost until our spirit reconnects with the Spirit of God, the presence of love we resided with before coming to planet Earth. I was raised to see God as a human, someone I could relate to and could understand me, a personal being. While I no longer see God as a human, God is more real and personal to me today than she has ever been. A presence of pure light energy, an unlimited source of love, joy, peace, wisdom, healing, provision and so much more.

I was taught growing up that the only way to a relationship with God was through Jesus. While I still believe Jesus is the best way to understand who God is, because he came to show and teach us about who/what God is, there are unlimited ways to connect with God. We are all individual spiritual beings on our own spiritual journey and what works for one may not work for another. People can develop a relationship with God through personal spiritual experiences, spiritual literature, spending time in nature, out of body or near-death experiences, historical documentation, dreams and visions, miraculous healings and provision. I have discovered for myself that the more I remove the human limitations of my definition of God, the more of Creator God/Source, whatever you want to call it, I can experience in every area of my life.

If you have questions about what I have shared today, or want help in connecting with God, contact me, I enjoy offering spiritual mentoring to those who are interested.

Fulfilling the Eternal Need

We all come into this world as seekers, feeling a sense of emptiness, dissatisfaction, like something is missing. We try all kinds of things to satisfy this feeling and make it go away. People try different religions, go in and out of relationships, read lots of books, buy lots of stuff. But what they are seeking, seems to elude them. They may experience pieces of it, but not on the consistent level they want.

Other people get tired of seeking and just settle. This is the best life will ever be. They put up with abusive relationships, addictions, dead end jobs, living with lack. They find ways to justify the life they live, having given up on hope that life will ever get better.

I have found for myself, deep satisfaction and contentment in life only comes from one source, a relationship with Creator God/Source. It does not come from experiences, things, relationships or knowledge. When you are loved by God, you can understand yourself from a higher spiritual perspective which gives you the ability to fully love and accept yourself, the good and the bad. When you achieve this type of relationship with God and self, you no longer seek something to fill an unmet need, rather you seek things to expand, express and build upon who you are.

You no longer seek out experiences to fill an unmet need, you create experiences for the sheer joy of doing and learning something new, to challenge yourself and discover more about who you are.

You no longer accumulate things to fill an unmet need, you accumulate things because they speak to who you are, they are expressions and extensions of who you are.

You no longer use relationships and people to fill an unmet need, you enjoy these relationships because of what you can give and learn from each other, they enhance your life experience, they teach you things about yourself and bring out the best in you and the person you are with.

You no longer seek after knowledge to fill an unmet need. You look at the world with eyes of curiosity and wonder, wanting to learn how things work, why they are the way they are. Knowledge challenges you and expands your understanding of life.

When you live life knowing Whose you are and Who you are, there is no need left to be filled. You seek to grow and experience more of who you are and who God is.

The Growth Cycle

I believe we were created by God to be human beings who live in a cyclical pattern of contentment, discontentment, change, growth and contentment. Look at how a baby grows. They are content being held. Then they are no longer content and want something else. They learn how to roll over and crawl. They are happy with this for awhile and then they become discontent and learn how to walk.

Through this cyclical pattern of behavior, we identify things that may be holding us back in life. Things that keep us from moving forward, in a state of unforgiveness, in a place of lack, at a dead-end job, in an abusive relationship. We then connect with people who can help us walk through this process to take us from where we are to where we want to be. I have been through this process many times in my life and enjoy taking my clients through it. When we respond positively to that feeling of dissatisfaction, that inner voice, we discover parts of ourselves we did not know were there, we experience growth and expansion into who we were created to be.

So, if you know someone, who seems to be in this cyclical pattern of behavior, take time to understand them. They will keep your life from feeling boring and may even challenge you to grow in areas you have become stagnant in. Support and encourage them in the life challenges they choose to go after. Provide the stability they need to transition through their growth cycle.








That Feeling of Dissatisfaction……

It is helpful to stop and ask yourself how you feel about your life. If you find yourself feeling unsatisfied, bored or always wanting to try new things or change things up, you may want to explore why. Sometimes there is a need, an emptiness inside. What is the need you are seeking to fill? Love? Security? Freedom? Independence? Worth? Connection? Confidence? Empowerment? Control? Respect? If you don’t know what the need is, you will have a difficult time finding something to fill it. Your life will appear unpredictable to others as you go in and out of relationships, changing jobs, moving around a lot. If this describes you, take the time to identify the need and then the best way to meet it.

Other times that feeling of dissatisfaction is a message you need to listen and respond to. Something is not right and needs to change. You can really enjoy your job and then notice over time that you no longer look forward to going to work. This feeling of dissatisfaction is there to alert you to either make some needed changes at your job, or to leave and move on, a better, more challenging job awaits you somewhere else. You feel this dissatisfied feeling in relationships. Things can be going along great but over time you notice the communication has broken down, you spend less time with each other, your irritated at each other, focusing on each other’s faults. A decision needs to be made. Do you repair the damage and improve the relationship or is it time to release the relationship?

Sometimes that dissatisfied feeling is a call to grow and expand, to take on a new challenge. God designed us to grow physically, intellectually, relationally and spiritually. Create a business, run that marathon, write that book, start a new hobby, believe in yourself and embrace your life with an “I can do it” spirit.

The Downside to a Predictable Life

It is helpful to stop and ask yourself how you feel about your life. If you are truly content with your life, there is no reason to change. However, if under the surface there is this nagging feeling, thoughts that you wish life could be different, you wish you could have the courage to do what others are doing or follow through on some ideas that you keep pushing down and trying to ignore, stop and acknowledge this. I believe the greatest downside to living a predictable life is a lack of growth and life experiences. You get to the end of your life and realize all that you had missed out on. The places you never went, the people you never met, the experiences you never had.

Sometimes it is fear that keeps you in this place. A fear of the unknown, fear of how people will treat you, fear of starting over in a new relationship, job or church. Fear of what others will think about you if you change. Fear of disobeying God by changing something in your life or belief systems. Fear of something bad happening to you if you change. Fear of life getting out of control.

Other times it is a lack of knowledge, resources or money that keeps you stuck living a predictable, safe life. God has given each one of you a life of unlimited potential, the ability to grow physically, intellectually, relationally and spiritually. Each week challenge yourself to grow a bit more; read a new book, taste a new food, drive a different route home, listen to a different style of music, make a new friend. The more you do this, the easier it will become. Seek a balanced life, some stability mixed with a sprinkling of spontaneity.

The Upside to a Predictable Life

The predictable life does have its perks which is why people are drawn to it. You know what to expect, life rarely takes you by surprise, so your anxiety level remains low. You feel more peace and contentment. You become very knowledgeable about what you do, where you live, the people you socialize with. People see you as the expert and come to you for advice. You have deep insight and wisdom that someone just passing through could never possess.

You become a stable force in your community, family, job or church. When other people’s lives are in turmoil, and they are looking for something solid to hang onto, they will come to you. Being around your predictable lifestyle gives them an anchor to hold onto till their storm passes. We can all think of someone or something who has been that stable force in our lives. It may be the grandma who had the family Sunday dinners after church for as long as you can remember. It may be the family home where every Christmas is celebrated. It may be that best friend, spouse or pet who is always there for you. It may be that vacation spot you return to every year. We need these points of stability and connection that keep us grounded while we navigate through the unpredictable and challenging times in our lives. So, if you have one of these people in your life who you tend to perceive as “boring or predictable,” thank them for being there for you. Make the effort to see the positive things they bring to you and the world around you.