Awakening to your Authentic Self

Some of you may be aware of or may be experiencing first-hand what God is doing with people right now. We are experiencing a time of awakening so we can become and express our true authentic selves. Most people live their lives going through the motions of what is expected of them each day. Few people take the time to stop and ask:  how did I get here, who do I really want to be, why am I with this person, and why am I doing this? To stop and ask questions can be a dangerous and scary endeavor.

  • To look deep within ourselves for the real motivation for why we do the things we do
  • To be willing to look at the junk we have repressed and pushed down because it was too painful to bring up
  • To assert ourselves and ask for what is really in our best interest
  • To love ourselves enough to walk away from toxic relationships and work environments
  • To face the darker side of ourselves, the side that hurt and used people
  • To question long-held beliefs

It is an emotionally painful process to go through but if you are willing and being led by God to do it, I encourage you to go for it. Find another person in your life you feel safe with or start going to counseling and begin the process of removing all the barriers that prevent you from authentically being you. We were all created for love, for greatness, for connection, for spiritual growth and enlightenment. But we have settled for fear, mediocrity, separateness and spiritual stagnation. Our true selves are buried under years of feeling abandoned, alone, hurt, used, held back, misunderstood and devalued by the experiences and relationships in our lives. It is like we have been caterpillars stuck in a cocoon and now the time has come for us to awaken as butterflies. Change is difficult, painful and rarely understood or encouraged by those who choose to remain in their cocoon. God wants us to become people motivated by love rather than fear so we will need to break away from anything or person in our lives that operates from fear rather than love. This awakening change process will produce an increase in divorce, in people changing jobs, going back to school, letting go of life-long friendships, moving to other geographic locations, leaving churches and starting new businesses. God has begun the great upheaval process and there may be judgment from people who do not understand what is going on, who want to remain in the safety and security of life as it has always been. But I encourage you to come out of your cocoon and awaken to fly.

Joyce Stewart, LCSW


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