Our Body Speaks

We were all born with this amazing human body. It automatically runs all the systems needed to keep us alive each day. However, few of us take the time to really get to know our bodies. Our body was created by God with this amazing ability to communicate with our minds, emotions and spirits. But we are not taught how to communicate internally with our bodies. We are taught to rely on the “experts” and “professionals” who have spent years studying and practicing medicine, nutrition and exercise.  There is nothing wrong with this except that their information is broad based and may not apply to your individual body. God created us all as unique individuals and what works for one body will not necessarily work for another.

Everything at its base level is energy so we can energetically communicate with our body using our thoughts and emotions. You are in constant communication with your body, but are not consciously aware of this. Become consciously aware by taking time in silence to sit with your body and learn what feels normal for you. Know what your body is telling you, is it time to stop eating, what does it need to eat, is it time to exercise, what type of exercise would it like, is it time for rest, is it time for sleep, is it time to dance? The more in tune we become with our physical body, the healthier we will be and the sooner we will notice when something does not feel right and seek help before it turns into a serious medical condition.

We spend a lot of time and money dressing up our body, fixing our hair and applying makeup. Sometimes we view our body as the enemy. Our society dictates what an acceptable body should look like and we all buy into this lie.  We can’t lose the weight, we can’t get our hair to cooperate, or we can’t get our body to remain in a state of health. When these things happen, speak kindly to your body. Let your body know that you love it unconditionally. Your body will be more likely to cooperate with you when it feels loved rather than rejected.

Joyce Stewart, LCSW


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