Uncover your Spiritual Potential

Over the years as I have provided counseling services for people I have noticed an interesting phenomenon I would like to share with you today. By the time we all get to adulthood we have all experienced various degrees of hurt, emotional pain, trauma, abuse and disappointments. From an energetic perspective this means we are carrying around a lot of dense, low vibrating energy causing us to feel weak, depressed, heavy, anxious and stressed. For many people they have learned to live with this and consider it normal. However, these layers of emotional junk buried within us keep us from operating at our optimum capacity for life.

Now here is the exciting part. As you begin to release these layers of energetic junk from your life you begin to feel lighter, happier, more loving and peaceful. And for many people this is just what they were looking for and they leave counseling and go on to enjoy their lives and relationships. However, for some people, God has a surprise in store for them. All that dense low vibrating energy was preventing them from getting in touch with their spiritual potential. Once it is removed they discover they have spiritual abilities they had previously been unaware of. I have had clients begin to see into the spiritual world; angels, Jesus, and heaven. Others can hear conversations going on in the spirit world and can clearly hear when God is speaking to them. Some clients become telepathic and are able to hear others thoughts. Other clients discover they are empaths and have the ability to feel what others are feeling. Some clients discover they can pray for people and they get healed.

At our core we are all spiritual beings living in a physical body. We are designed by God to be able to interact in both the physical and the spiritual worlds simultaneously like Jesus did. So if you find yourself struggling to activate the spiritual side of your being, you may want to see if you have been putting up with too much low density energetic junk in your life, thinking it was normal and consider counseling so you can release it and discover the spiritual surprises God has in store for you hidden beneath the layers.

If you are interested in experiencing this process for yourself, contact me, I would love to help you discover the spiritual potential hidden within you.



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