The Voice Within

Every day, all day long, we make decisions, some we are aware of and some we are not aware of. Some are minor and some are major. Growing up in the church we are taught to seek guidance from what the Bible says, what our doctrines and beliefs have taught us, what our pastor or other Christians tell us. We are also encouraged to seek out the advice of our friends, family, books, even post something online to get some help in making a decision.

However, I no longer abide by these rules. I realized I was always looking outside myself for help in making decisions. I had never been taught to trust myself, trust my own intuition, trust my ability to hear from the Holy Spirit for myself in making decisions. I realized one day that if I truly believed that God/Jesus/Holy Spirit actually resided within me, that was all I needed to consult with. They know my past, present and future. I just had to learn how to be quiet enough to hear their voice above all the others. As I continue to learn how to do this I am able to make confident decisions and not worry about what others think of me or my decisions. As you will read in the Bible and see in your own life, sometimes God will tell you do to something that does not make logical sense to the natural mind but if you know it is God, do it anyway.

One of the things God has been speaking to me about is his desire that his children would begin to seek him directly and that there is going to be a major shift in the Christian world as this takes place. Those who want to continue with the old model of seeking outside themselves, lacking confidence in their ability to hear directly from God and those learning to seek the voice of God within themselves. Finding a balance between these two because sometimes God will tell you to consult with someone or to read a particular Bible verse.  It is a learning process and you will make mistakes and not always hear correctly but that is okay, step out on faith and do it anyway. Learn from each mistake and you will grow more confident in your ability to hear and obey the voice of God for yourself.






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