God’s Will

We are raised in the church to seek out God’s will for our lives. Like there is one specific plan for us that we are to follow and if we drift off into another path, we will have missed it and not fulfilled our purpose for being here. I used to believe this until I realized this thinking was based in fear. People are so fearful of getting it wrong or failing that they become immobilized into doing nothing, fearing God’s disappointment in them if they miss God’s will. The years march by while they keep waiting for that confirmation, that prophetic word, that divine appointment/connection that confirms what God’s will is for them so they can start doing it.

Here is what I now believe about God’s will. I believe it is more general than specific. I believe God’s will is for each of us to become love, to be able to genuinely love God, ourselves and others. Each of us are gifted with specific talents, abilities, interests, knowledge, etc., that make up who we are. We get to take the gifts we were given and decide how we want to use them to make the world around us a more peaceful, loving place. Pick a door and walk through it. Set a goal of what you would like to do and each day do something big or small to get you one step closer to your goal. Through your prayers you partner with the Holy Spirit who will guide you. At times your path may appear clear, straight and easy to navigate. At other times you may encounter road blocks and detours. It is impossible to fail, because as one door closes, another will open. Enjoy your journey through life as you learn how to become love, fulfilling Gods’ will for your life.

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