Soul Healing

I see so many people living year after year with issues that could easily be healed through counseling but they are afraid of it and are not encouraged to access it. They go to pastors to get their spirits healed and doctors to get their bodies healed, but resist going to counselors to get their souls/emotions healed. Your soul is your emotional heart center, the inner part of who you are. Why do we not see the importance of having all three areas of our lives healed? God does not want you limping through life with your bodies and spirits healed but your souls still wounded. What is the fear that holds us back from being completely healed and whole so we can truly enjoy our life? Why are pastors afraid to refer people to counselors? Why does there continue to be so much shame around seeing a counselor? There are many wonderful counselors to choose from today and there are numerous energy based treatments so you do not have to relive all the emotional pain of your past to become free. Many people say they cannot afford to see a counselor, but have you ever considered you cannot afford not to? The initial financial investment will bring you peace of mind, loving relationships, and a healthy interconnected body, soul and spirit. People willingly pay a doctor to receive physical healing and tithe at church to receive spiritual healing, and yet resist paying a counselor to receive soul/emotional healing.

The body, soul and spirit are all interconnected and work together. The church can heal your spirit and medical doctors can heal your body. Counselors are trained to heal your soul, the emotional wounds we have all encountered in life. Without the soul being healed, you will continue to have issues with your body and spirit because you are only partially healed. Sometimes when you have physical problems the doctors cannot determine the cause because it is due to emotions. Emotions are energy that need to be expressed and when you choose to push them down rather than express them, they get lodged in your cells and organs, producing physical pain to try and get your attention so you can be healed. When emotional pain is not healed it also gets re-triggered in your present day relationships causing problems for you. People use addictions to avoid feeling their deep emotional pain. Jesus came to heal all of us; body, soul and spirit. Do not neglect your soul. Reading the Bible, praying and believing is a good start, but usually not enough without the help of a trained counselor. From God’s perspective your soul is just as important as your body and spirit and he wants to heal all of you. You are worth it.

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