Living Inside Out

We are raised to believe that everything that happens to us in life is due to circumstances going on around us, many of them out of our control. We grow up blaming others and seeing ourselves as a victim. We feel the need to protect and defend ourselves from people we perceive are out to hurt us in some way.

  • What if we have this all wrong?
  • What if what we experience in the physical world around us is like looking into a mirror, a reflection of our inner mental, emotional and spiritual world projected outward?
  • What if what we experience in the world around us is because we see ourselves as separated from others and separated from a loving God?

Everything begins in our mind and is then projected outward: our beliefs, thoughts, emotions and actions. We as individuals and as a collective of people create the world we live in. The enemy is not out there, it is within. The enemy is our fear, our self-loathing and our judgment of other people. Sickness and wars reflect the collective mind of all the beings on earth who feel isolated, rejected, angry, hurt, unloved, etc.

  • If you believe you are not lovable, you will not be able to accept love from others so will do things to push people away from you and then complain that no one wants to be your friend.
  • If you are angry but are unable to receive anger as an acceptable emotion for you to feel, you will project that anger onto those around you, causing them to react in anger toward you.
  • If you see yourself separated from others, it is easy to hurt the people around you and expect them to hurt you in return.
  • If things are not going well in your outer life, it’s because things are not going well in your inner life.

If you don’t like how people are responding to you, you need to look inward at what you believe and what emotions you are energetically sending out into the world around you. Most of the time we do not want to look inward, we are afraid of what we will find. We all have parts of ourselves that we are not proud of and wish were not there. However, it is only when you look inside and accept these parts of yourself without judgment that you can begin to be free as these parts then lose their control over you. Change your belief to understand that you are always lovable by self and God even with your perceived bad thoughts and feelings. Once you have made this adjustment, the way people treat you will begin to change and your outer world will begin to reflect the inner world of your healed soul.





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