Who Is God?

Now that my book, God is Love has been out for a month and people are buying it and starting to read it, I would like to do a series of blogs on the book. I would like to get feedback from you the reader on what you agree and disagree with in the book and how the book has impacted you. Feel free to respond to this blog or by email to me.

Who is God?

This is a big topic and my personal concept of God continues to evolve. As a child growing up I remember thinking of God as this being in heaven wearing a white robe with a beard sitting on a large throne surrounded by light and angels. A glorified looking person. I probably held this view of God until about 10 years ago. As I gained more understanding about spirituality, how everything is created by energetic vibrations, how this universe we live in is one of many out there, how interconnected everything is, I realized that my concept of God was way to small and limiting. I had based my view of God on what I read in the Bible and how I had interpreted it. But one day I realized that there is no way one book could contain all there is to know about God, God was too expansive for that. I started reading what science had to say about God, how other religions defined God, the different ways people relate to and communicate with God. And I concluded that the best word to describe who God is, was LOVE.

I now imagine God as this bright being of light, surrounded by angelic beings of light, pulsing out a continuous stream of loving energy to all of creation. Everything and everyone connected to this source of loving energy. Another way to think about this is how houses are wired for electricity, but you won’t experience it until you turn on the switch. We are all wired to be connected with the loving presence of God. But if you do not know this, or if you do not know how to “turn on the switch” you will struggle to feel his loving presence in your daily life and will feel alone and disconnected. Jesus came to show us how life looks when the switch is turned on. God’s love flowed through everything Jesus did and taught and as God’s children we have the potential within us to live like Jesus did; loving, healing and forgiving people.

I encourage you to expand your understanding of who God is and allow his loving energy to fill you up and flow through you every day. If you like what you read today, chapter one of my book expands on this topic about what love is, how to love God, how to spend time with God and how to hear God speaking to you. I would love to hear your comments on how you define God, visualize God or connect with God.

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