Fear Not

The third chapter in God is Love is all about fear. I find fear to be a fascinating topic to study and learn about as everyone on the planet experiences it. And yet, throughout the Bible, Jesus and God are telling us to Fear Not. I do not believe they would instruct us to do something unless it was possible to do it. So why are so many Christians living in fear? Why is the Christian religion founded on fear? Why do we continue to allow so much fear in the church and few people seem to see anything wrong with it? I believe it is because we have been conditioned to see this level of fear as normal and acceptable. I challenge this idea throughout my book based on the idea that God is Love. The Bible teaches that there can be no fear in love so if we say we are representing God in how we live our lives we should be doing everything we can to eliminate fear and replace it with love.

Fear is a dense low vibrating energy that will attract like energy. Therefore, if you live with a lot of fear, you will continue to attract more fear into your life. Love is a light high vibrating energy and the more love you have, the more you will attract.  This is why the Bible teaches that perfect love casts out fear. We are told to Fear Not because that is what love does. Jesus did not live with fear, he lived out his life with authority, confidence, compassion and love.

Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal areas of your life where you are living with fear and then have the courage to release this fear. While some fears are in your conscious level and are easy to release, many fears are in the subconscious level of your mind and some of you will not be able to release them on your own. Think of fearful energy as being similar to having a blockage in your arteries preventing your blood from properly circulating through your heart and around your body. You can pray all day for the blockage to be removed but most of you will need to see a heart surgeon to remove the blockage for you. This is what I and other holistic health practitioners are trained to do. We can energetically go into your subconscious mind and remove the fearful energy so you can start living from love. I have spent years releasing fear from clients and from my own life, and I live with so much more love and freedom now. Don’t let fear prevent you from experiencing a life filled with love, joy and peace.

Fear Not

God is Love, A Spiritual Journey from Fear to Love

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