A Course in Miracles

I am starting a new blog series and will be doing a blog for each of the 31 chapters in A Course in Miracles (ACIM). Other than the Bible, this is probably the most important book I have ever read related to Christianity as it helped me understand the concept of living from fear rather than from love, which is what God is. It reports the words of Jesus given over a seven-year period to an atheist named Helen Schucman and her coworker William Thetford, who were professors of medical psychology. At first I wondered why God would choose to give spiritual truth to an atheist, and when I asked God he told me he could not give it to religious people because they would interpret everything Jesus said through their own belief systems. An atheist like Schucman, with no spiritual belief system, would write down whatever Jesus told her, because she would not be interested in interpreting or understanding anything. Brilliant, God.

In this book. Jesus takes Bible verses and beliefs taught in church and shows us how they are based on fear and how to interpret them from a place of love, the original intent when they were given. The book teaches us how to apply the teachings of Jesus through our life experiences rather than focusing solely on theology. It helps people sort through their perceptions, illusions, and ignorance about life and spiritual issues and to discover what reality and truth really are. We live our lives caught between illusion and reality and don’t always know how to differentiate between them. Some of the topics the book addresses are miracles, atonement, the ego, healing and wholeness, love, God, the Holy Spirt, truth, forgiveness, peace, salvation, justice, and fear.

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