A Course in Miracles: Chapter 5 Healing and Wholeness

The title for chapter 5 is Healing and Wholeness. Within this chapter are the following sub-titles: The Invitation of the Holy Spirit, The Voice for God, The Guide to Salvation, Teaching and Healing, The Ego’s Use of Guilt, Time and Eternity, and The Decision for God.

When I first saw the title to this chapter I immediately assumed it was about physical healing. I soon realized that from God’s perspective, healing is a much broader topic than what my limited thinking could conceive. This book teaches that healing happens when you go through the atonement process and realize that you created an ego that convinced you that you were separate from God and his love.  When you reject this idea by listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit and get reconnected to God, healing has occurred. All healing first occurs at the level of the mind which creates your thoughts and beliefs.  “The voice of the Holy Spirit is the restoration of the integrity of the mind.” The Holy Spirit is the call within you to return to God so your minds can be healed from the illusion of separation you believed in. While you have both the voice of the ego and of the Holy Spirit speaking to you through your mind, you also have the ability to distinguish between them and choose to listen to the Holy Spirit rather than the ego. ACIM teaches that “The decision of which voice you will listen to is simple. It is made on the basis of which call is worth more to you.”

Another interesting concept related to healing is that Jesus’s part in our atonement is not complete until each of us accept it and then give it away by sharing it with others. ACIM talks about the importance of seeing everyone as your family. We are all brothers and sisters in the family of God and when we perceive each other this way, what we share with each other will be strengthened in each of us. We are blessed every time we think a loving thought about another person even if we do not know them. When the book refers to the “sonship” it is referring to the idea that we are all sons and daughters of God. When everyone God ever created finds their way back to God, oneness will be complete as we will all be connected to each other and to the God that created and loves us.

The book has some interesting things to say about the Holy Spirit. “The voice of the Holy Spirit does not command, because It is incapable of arrogance. It does not demand, because It does not seek control. It does not overcome, because It does not attack. It merely reminds. The Holy Spirit is your Guide in choosing. He is in the part of your mind that always speaks for the right choice, because He speaks for God. He is your remaining communication with God, which you can interrupt but cannot destroy.”  The Holy Spirit is your “guide to salvation, because He holds the remembrance of things past and to come, and brings them to the present.”

ACIM states that “nothing the ego perceives is interpreted correctly. Not only does the ego cite Scripture for its purpose, but it even interprets Scripture as a witness for itself. The Bible is a fearful thing in the egos judgment.” In this chapter, Jesus reinterprets some of the Bible verses we are familiar with.

  • “My yoke is easy and my burden light” means “Let us join together, for my message is light.” When we choose to join our minds to the mind of Christ and follow his pattern for living and we listen to and obey the voice of the Holy Spirit, “What we can accomplish together has no limits.”
  • “Turning the other cheek” means “Show him that he cannot hurt you and hold nothing against him, or you hold it against yourself.”
  • “I will never leave you or forsake you,” because to forsake you would be to forsake myself and God Who created me. You forsake yourself and God if you forsake any of your brothers. You must learn to see them as they are, and understand they belong to God as you do.”
  • “As you sow, so shall ye reap.” What you consider worth cultivating you will cultivate in yourself. Your judgment of what is worthy makes it worthy for you.
  • “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord.” The statement emphasizes that vengeance cannot be shared. Give it therefore to the Holy Spirit Who will undo it in you because it does not belong in your mind, which is part of God.
  • “I will visit the sins of the fathers unto the third and fourth generation.” In later generations the Holy Spirit can still reinterpret what former generations had misunderstood, and thus release the thoughts from the ability to produce fear.
  • “The wicked shall perish.” Every loveless thought (wicked) must be undone.
  • “I come as the light into the world” I came to share the light with you.
  • “Cast your cares upon Him because He careth for you.” You are His care because He loves you.



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