A Course in Miracles Chapter 18: The Passing of the Dream

The title for chapter 18 is The Passing of the Dream. Within this chapter are the following sub-titles: The Substitute Reality, The Basis of the Dream, Light in the Dream, The Little Willingness, The Happy Dream, Beyond the Body, I Need do Nothing, The Little Garden and The Two Worlds.

There is a running theme throughout this book that is difficult for most people to comprehend as it goes in opposition to what we have be taught about the world around us. I will do my best to explain it so you can understand it, but if you struggle to grasp it, that is okay, it took me years to comprehend it and you will receive it when you are ready.

Throughout these blogs I have discussed the conflict between the ego and the Holy Spirit. We are now going to go deeper into this teaching. This world we all live in and see with our physical eyes is just an illusion or a dream state, none of it is real. The real world is the inner spiritual world. When mankind substituted that God was fearful rather than loving, the world of illusion was born. “You who believe that God is fear made but one substitution. It has taken many forms, because it was the substitution of Illusion for truth; of fragmentation for wholeness. That one error, which brought truth to illusion, infinity to time and life to death, was all you ever made. Your whole world rests upon it. Everything you see reflects it, and every special relationship that you have ever made is part of it. You may be surprised to hear how very different is reality from what you see. You do not realize the magnitude of that one error. It was so vast and so completely incredible that from it a world of total unreality had to emerge. The world arose to hide it, and became the screen on which it was projected and drawn between you and the truth.” The ego wants to keep you living in the illusion and the Holy Spirit wants to set you free to live in the truth of God’s love.

Since God created each one of us, his light of truth is within us to guide us out of the illusion into the truth. We are all interconnected so as each one of us begins to emerge from the darkness of illusion, we will all experience more light within us until all of mankind is living in the light of God’s love rather than the darkness of fearful illusions. “The Holy Spirit takes you gently by the hand, and retraces with you your mad journey outside yourself, leading you gently back to the truth and safety within. He brings all your insane projections and the wild substitutions that you have placed outside you to truth. He reverses the course of insanity and restores you to reason.” Depending on your spiritual orientation, this process is referred to as the holy instant, ascension, enlightenment or salvation. All that is required of us is the willingness to acknowledge that we don’t fully understand everything from God’s perspective and to allow the Holy Spirit to teach us. “Your difficulty with the holy instant arises from your fixed conviction that you are not worthy of it. God did not create His dwelling place unworthy of Him. The holy instant is always the result of your small willingness combined with the unlimited power of Gods will. Your part is only to offer Him a little willingness to let Him remove all fear and hatred, and to be forgiven.  You find it difficult to accept the idea that you need give so little, to receive so much. And it is very hard for you to realize it is not personally insulting that your contribution and the Holy Spirits are so extremely disproportionate.”

When our spirit/soul decided to experience life on planet earth, it created a physical body which serves as a fence around our spirit/soul, keeping us separated from others in our own kingdom of self. “Within the kingdom the ego rules, and cruelly. Each body seems to house a separate mind, a disconnected thought, living alone. Within its barricades is still a tiny segment of the Son of God, complete and holy, serene and unaware of what you think surrounds it. The circle of fear lies just below the level the body sees, and seems to be the whole foundation on which the world is based. Here are all the illusions, all the twisted thoughts, all the insane attacks, the fury, the vengeance and the betrayal that were made to keep the guilt in place. Do not accept this little, fenced-off aspect of yourself. The Thought of God surrounds your little kingdom, waiting at the barrier you built to come inside and shine upon the barren ground. The holy instant is your invitation for love to enter into your bleak and joyless kingdom, and to transform it into a garden of peace and welcome.”

Our minds are a form of energy, of consciousness that communicates with all the other minds God created and with all of creation through energetic communication. Telepathy, empath abilities, out of body experiences, near death experiences and astral travel are some examples of this. “Everyone has experienced what he would call a sense of being transported beyond himself. It is a sudden unawareness of the body, and a joining of yourself and something else in which your mind enlarges to encompass it. It becomes part of you and you unite with it. And both become whole as neither is perceived as separate. What really happens is that you have given up the illusion of a limited awareness, and lost your fear of union. You have accepted this instead of the body, and have let yourself be one with something beyond it, simply by not letting your mind be limited by it. This can occur regardless of the physical distance that seems to be between you and what you join; of your respective positions in space; and of your differences in size and seeming quality. Time is not relevant; it can occur with something past, present or anticipated. The something can be anything and anywhere; a sound, a sight, a thought, a memory, and even a general idea without specific reference. Yet in every case, you join it without reservation and so you rush to meet it, letting your limits melt away, suspending all the “laws” your body obeys and gently setting them aside. You are not really “lifted out” of the body; it cannot contain you. You go where you would be, gaining, not losing, a sense of Self. In these instants of release from physical restrictions, you experience much of what happens in the holy instant; the lifting of the barriers of time and space, the sudden experience of peace and joy, and, above all, the lack of awareness of the body.”

“There is nothing outside you. That is what you must ultimately learn, for it is the realization that the Kingdom of Heaven is restored to you. For God created only this, and He did not depart from it nor leave it separate from Himself. The Kingdom of Heaven is the dwelling place of the Son of God, who left not his Father and dwells not apart from Him. Heaven is not a place nor a condition. It is merely an awareness of perfect Oneness, and the knowledge that there is nothing else’ nothing outside this Oneness, and nothing else within.”



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